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landdnl 05-30-14 09:54 AM

Trainer recommendation
What would be a good trainer to get for the Trainer Road workouts? This would be my first trainer.

howellhandmade 05-30-14 01:49 PM

Budget? I'm happy with my Kinetics Road Machine. Didn't want to go big bucks like a KickR, so I went as high as I could for a regular fluid trainer. Very quiet, very well built.

BTW, this is a perfect time of year to buy a trainer. I went to my LBS looking for the Kinetics and the owner sold it for less than the Amazon price -- he said he had one left and if it didn't leave with me he'd be sitting on it all summer.

landdnl 05-30-14 02:57 PM

That's the only one that was on my radar. Can't justify a power meter. Virtual Power will suffice. But for what you would get, it's better to spend a little less than $500 for a well built quiet trainer. I don't have money to burn, so Kinetic Road Machine seems to be the best quality bang for your buck.

Spld cyclist 05-30-14 05:27 PM

I've had my Kurt Kinetic Road Machine for a few months and have been very happy with it. It's very solid.

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