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rplong 09-27-06 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by thomasp2000

no just showing off our sweeeeet rides

Dalai 09-27-06 11:19 PM

Nice P3 Barley - I must say I have always liked the P3 in silver... Mine is the white red colour scheme.

Matrix2k1 10-14-06 12:37 AM

Say what you want about Performance, and their house brand "Scattante", but it makes a nice bike!! I have about a hundred miles on it so far, and I am still dialing it in. Rides great, and I would recommend one of these frames. It doesn't have the name, but still works great.

Frame and Groupset: Scattante XRL + Shimano Ultegra
Frame size : 54 cm
Fork: Scattante Carbon w/ Al steerer
Crankset: Ultegra 6500 Double Octalink
Chainring combination : 39-53T
Crank length : 172.5 mm
Derailleur Front / Rear : Ultegra 10spd
Cassette combination : Ultegra 12-25 10spd
Chain: Ultegra
Headset: Cane Creek IS-6
Headset Spacers: Carbon headset spacers
Headset spacer height : 10 mm (at the moment...)
Seatpost: Thomson Elite Setback 330mm x 27.2mm
Shifters: Dura Ace 10spd SIS Bar end
Cables: Shimano Dura Ace Derailleur and Brake Cable Set
Handlebar: Ritchey Probiscus AeroBar w/ 80mm drop
Handlebar width : 40 cm
Stem: Intergrated w/ bars
Stem length : Adjustable (currently 100mm)
Brakes: Ultegra (front and rear)
Brake Levers: Cane Creek TT200
Front / Rear Tire: Conti Ultra Sport
Wheelset: Mavic Aksium Race
Saddle: Sella Itallia Flite Gel

uclamutt 10-15-06 12:41 PM

Hey Matrix,

I was super close to buying one of these, but found a better deal on my Xlab. A couple of my buddies ride Scattante's and love them. Have fun breaking it in!

cocoasprinkles 10-15-06 01:27 PM

how much did that build cost of the scattante? i have a buddy looking for an enry level bike he can up build up to tri specs

uclamutt 10-15-06 03:40 PM

I've seen this model in the store with drop bars and a clip on aero bar. I dunno why this one doesn't have that setup. Perhaps it's just an incorrect picture.

Matrix2k1 10-16-06 12:52 AM


Originally Posted by uclamutt

I've seen this model in the store with drop bars and a clip on aero bar. I dunno why this one doesn't have that setup. Perhaps it's just an incorrect picture.

It doesn't have that setup because I built it from the frame up. I started with boxes full of parts, and ended up with a bike and empty boxes ( not to mention a lighter wallet, also) ;)

BATMANs 10-17-06 10:29 AM

The ultimate in comfort and aerodynamics look for Softride.

If you want a more traditional frame that has all the good properties of steel, titanium, aluminum, CF and none of their weakness look at Griffen Vulcan:

Sprocket Man 10-18-06 01:48 PM

This thread has been going on forever, but I just realized that I had never posted my bike! Some really nice bikes in here.

This is my Felt S25. DuraAce derailleurs and shifters. Profile handlebars and Vision Tech carbon aero bars. The wheels in the picture are Alex wheels. I've since upgraded to Velocity Deep Vs/Sapim bladed spokes/Ultegra hub wheels. I think it's somewhere around 18-19 lbs., but that's using a bathroom scale so I don't know if that's an accurate weight.

^*^BATMAN^*^ 10-18-06 08:19 PM

Ok, BATMANs, I have to ask this question...well questions....

A) WTF is with putting drops on a tri bike? it goes against the geometry.

B)Why the hell spray paint your bikes matte colours....ugly(IMO) ones at that. The Griffen looks really nice in the stock black paint scheme.

BATMANs 10-19-06 05:39 PM

This geometry feels fine for me....

BATMANs 10-19-06 05:39 PM

It's shiny, not matte.

rplong 10-21-06 06:52 AM

Matrix, is that brand one that specialized makes? The paint scheme reminds me of theirs.

Too many Batmans

goldfish 10-26-06 07:37 PM

This thread is awesome.

I'll admit, i don't do tris and probably never will (hate running/have bad knees/just don't have the desire) but i LOVE TT/tri bikes, and there are some sweet ones here.

its inspired me to go ride RIGHT NOW.

groovy; cheers.

SaabFan 10-27-06 05:18 AM

Here's my baby:

It's a 1st run 2001 frame with the "crappy" cable guides and no set screws in the rear dropouts. Rather than thinking of these as problems, I think of them as distinctions of honor - there aren't that many P2K frames out there like this one. :D

I really need to get some more/newer/better photos though.

goldfish 10-27-06 07:45 PM

not mine, but i'd love this bike

I find the extended seat tube to be uber hot....impractical as it was

evanatorx 10-27-06 10:03 PM


Originally Posted by MatL
Here's my bike from the Clydesdale cheapo thread....

probably spent more on upgrades then the initial bike XD

rplong 10-29-06 12:26 AM


Originally Posted by evanatorx
probably spent more on upgrades then the initial bike XD

no need

MatL 12-11-06 10:27 AM


Originally Posted by rplong
probably spent more on upgrades then the initial bike XD

Give that man a cigar and I'm not ashamed of it either.

Thankfully the upgrades will be swapped to the next bike :-)

Dalai 12-11-06 03:56 PM


Originally Posted by MatL
Give that man a cigar and I'm not ashamed of it either.

And you shouldn't be MatL. You have a setup which has capably worked for you first event and can do so for some time yet.

Realistically you don't need to upgrade to a new bike down the track either (though bikeitis may strike at any time especially checking this topic, beware :) , it all depends on what your goals are. To be out there for the fitness, achievement, comraderie any bike with two wheels is all you need. Perhaps down the track the competitive bug may bite then a faster bike will most likely be on the cards.

It's great you made use of what you had available which allowed you to take what can be a daunting step into world of Triathlons as it's three sports not just one!

I've enjoyed reading your posts leading up to your first race. Congratulations and welcome to the club ;)

Briareos 12-19-06 03:14 AM


Originally Posted by Barley

Nice mean bike.


You're from Illinois too? Curious if you do any TT's as well as Tri's? Tri is definately something I'd like to do but I'll stick to TT's for now, but having trouble getting into it in Illinois.

ovoleg 12-19-06 05:00 PM


Originally Posted by Insr5runner
well I don't do tri's (yet) but here is my TT bike

Nice Cervelo!!!

sloaccord 12-20-06 01:09 AM

here's my big-dollar bike. everything was either free or bought on the cheap. (ie, used)
but i love it. nothing better than the feeling of passing the guy with the aero helmet on his p3c during my last duathlon. the bike is a raleigh c40 hybrid my dad rode a decade ago. he put it in the shed not long after he bought it when he kept getting hassled on the roads in our area. i dug it out a while ago, stuck some clipless pedals on it, converted to a threadless stem and threw on some road bars and aero bars and a shift kit, and viola! my thirty-pound tri bike beauty.

yairi 12-20-06 11:42 AM

^ I love the canti brakes :D

odl21 12-20-06 02:53 PM

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