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cabrilo 10-07-08 07:19 PM

Just finished my first (sprint) tri
And I am hooked! I love it. I already have 3 more planned for the next year. This was a local Santa Rosa Island triathlon in Pensacola, FL. It was beautiful and well organized, everything is on the beach.

swim 16:65
rate 1.2 (what units is this in?)
trans 3:21

bike 57:08
mph 18.9
trans 1:42

run 29:02
pace 9:22 minute mile

Final time:1:48:08

I ranked 8th on clydesdales below 40. I found a race for super-clydesdales next year. Over 225. I am 235. I am hoping to get closer to 225 by then and compete for a podium in a super-fat-@ss class

mgbguy 10-08-08 11:45 AM

Congrats, maybe 1 minute 20 seconds per 100? How long was the swim?

edit: how do you do 16:65? Isn't that 17:05?

sHANDRIL105 10-09-08 05:06 PM

Awesome job. Finishing is winning!:thumb:

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