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cbr shadow 07-25-13 01:46 PM

New Tri Bike!
I have been road-biking for a while and love it, but went to cheer on a friend at a half-Ironman this past weekend and am inspired to train for a half-ironman next July (2014). Id also like to get a triathlon bike to start getting used to and training on. I have (2) options right now:
2011 Cannondale Slice 3 (only 60 miles on the bike!) - $2000
2008 Felt B2 (upgraded with Sram Red mostly, roughly 2000 miles on the bike) - $1500

I took them both to a local tri fitter and both fit me well with a little adjustment. So assuming they both fit me well (the most important thing), which bike should I go with? I feel comfortable on both bikes, but the fitter said Id feel even better once we made a couple small adjustments.
Which would you buy? Is the Slice significantly better where the extra $500 is worth spending?


charbucks 07-25-13 02:44 PM

What kind of road bike do you have? If it's halfway decent, I'd just stick with that. Add some clip-on aerobars and you're good to go.

OldTryGuy 07-25-13 05:16 PM

Not sure if this is allowed so sorry if not but......

All I have is road bike with aerobars

BTM87 07-26-13 09:54 PM

unless money is no issue (though it seems like it isn't) I would at least do a couple tris before dropping thousands on a new bike

needmoreair 08-09-13 11:54 PM

Which would I buy? Assuming functionality and fit are nearly the same, I'd go with the cooler looking one. At the end of the day looking fast is fairly important, too. :D

So I'd go with the Slice because I think it looks awesome and I think the B2 is ugly as hell. Though that 500 bucks you save could get you a used powertap (or a new one or a Stages for 200 more), so that's not insignificant either.

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