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lordhong 08-20-13 01:40 PM

Purchase advice

I'm looking into purchasing my first road bike (currently using an hybrid) for sprint and duathlons and I'd like some comments as to the choices of bikes that is available for me locally.

There are many deals currently in LBS's, but I'll try to stick with a few models that were of interest to me and in my price range. I am inclined to think I am looking for a rather stiff bike.

Argon 18 Krypton (kit 4: 105 + Shimano wheels) - this happens also to be the best rebate as they also offer 10% value in accessories (aka, pedals, shoes, etc.). Main issue is that there is a whole one unit left of my size in stock.

+400$ Argon 18 Krypton (kit 3: 105 + Aksium wheels)
+800$ Argon 18 Krypton (kit 2: Ultegra + Aksium wheels) - this one might be pushing my budget too high
+500$ Cannondale CAAD10 3 Ultegra
+400$ Specialized Tarmac Elite Mid-Compact
+400$ Specialized Allez Race Rival - less stiff?

I am tempted to go with the basic Argon 18, as I have a feeling that in itself it will last me for a while, it will be a huge jump for me (coming from the hybrid bike) and I could technically upgrade it to a kit 2 slowly over the years (or just plain upgrade to another frame in the future). My other gut feeling is the CAAD10 w/ Ultegra, but there's no special deal on that one at the moment.

All LBS offer fit, 5 years maintenance in their prices.

*edit* Argon E80, E112, Cannondale Slice 5 105 and Cervelo P2 (stretched budget) are also within that price bracket. Since I do not own a road bike, I thought going with a road bike would be a more complete solution for now...

e_guevara 08-21-13 01:07 AM

Going for a full TT/Tri bike coming from a hybrid is going to be a big shock. Many people coming from road bikes take time getting comfortable on an aero position on a TT bike.

Ride a road bike first, get used to the aggressive position. Get stronger. You can slowly "upgrade" to a TT position by buying clip-on aerobars and an aero wheelset as you progress in the sport.

That being said, I'd recommend the basic Argon 18 (kit 4) - it's a pretty solid bike for triathlons IMO. Take the rebates keep the extra cash and save up on a wheelset and aerobars. Get clipless pedals and matching triathlon-specific shoes (105 pedals/Shimano SH-TR31 is good value for money).

lordhong 08-21-13 07:34 AM

Thanks! That's pretty much the advice I got on Tri bikes (and why I originally didn't include them in my list).

I do not think that particular store carries the SH-TR31 (I could only find Giro Tri shoes, but then again, maybe they can bring Shimano Tri shoes in anyway - they have standard Shimano road shoes in stock). They had the Ultegra pedals on sale as well.

Anybody else wanna chime in before I head out to see if they still have my size?

lordhong 08-21-13 12:40 PM

Well, I did go with your advice, but "had" to settle for the kit 3 (Aksium + full 105) as nobody had the other in stock for my size. Now to wait until Saturday when I can pick it up :)

e_guevara 08-21-13 04:38 PM

With that price I would have egged you to get the CAAD10, but that's just me :)

Congratulations on your first real road bike purchase. Post pics when you get it.


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