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mikea12093 08-23-13 07:29 PM

peugeot bike
Hey guys I'm looking for a road bike that I can use for commuting as well as a basic entry bike that I can use to start doing triathlons and build it up into something better. I don't know much about bikes so I wanted to get your opinions on a bike I found on Craigslist in terms of quality. I know it won't be the best thing but I am on a tight budget. Thanks!

LexKing 08-23-13 07:36 PM

Welcome to the Forum! That is a nice looking bike and would be a good fit for a tall rider.

mikea12093 08-23-13 07:39 PM

Thank you! And I'm 6 foot 4 so I figured I'd need a large framed bike!

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