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v639dragoon 09-10-13 11:09 AM

Sell Road Bike for a Triathlon Road Bike?
I've been a swimmer my entire life, have always loved it. I picked up cycling a year ago and have liked it a lot. I have a 2012 Apex trek 2.1, in great condition. Thinking about selling it and picking up a "tri-bike." What do you guys and gals think about that?

I frequent Woodside and Portola Valley for biking. My goal is to one day do an Ironman. First a half-Ironman of course. Will I notice a large difference between having a tri bike as opposed to my normal road bike?

Thank you everyone!

squirtdad 09-10-13 11:29 AM

N+1.... try a short course on the road bike first and then if you are hooked look at a tri. Personally I don't think a tri would be as much fun as road bike for riding around Woodside and Portola valley. Hammering on foothill expressway yes.

Leinster 09-10-13 11:47 AM

I agree with Squirt that you'd be better off hanging onto your road bike if you're going to be riding around South Bay/Peninsula area. Though I have seen a lot of tri bikes on some pretty steep Bay Area roads lately (we overtook one at the summit driving back from Stinson Beach a couple weekends ago, and when we got to the bottom he was still right behind us).

v639dragoon 09-10-13 02:31 PM

Thanks for the replies guys. I was thinking the same thing. I might even just keep the road bike as going up edgewood road > Canada Road > Woodside > Portola road > sometimes old la honda; is my typical route.

I am going to sign up for a triathlon, not sure which yet, swimming will be a breeze for me, the biking and running will be harder. I eventually want to work my way to a half Ironman, and full Ironman.

What kind of tri bike would you recommend? I have around 3k to spend. Also, what are the major differences with the tri bike, will I notice it immediately as I'm riding it?

OldTryGuy 09-10-13 05:09 PM

I'm having a blast on my road bike with added aero bars and not sure if I will ever get a tri bike, even for my Ironman in 7 weeks-4days.

Ludkeh 09-11-13 02:32 PM

I have both, a Tri bike is faster, but tougher on the body. Like having a sports car for racing and a Honda Accord for your daily ride. There's no way I'd ever get rid of my Specialized Roubaix road bike! The ride is smooth as silk. I say, train and improve your aerobic base on your road bike. Add in some rides with your Tri bike and when you get into Triathlon season switch over to the Tri bike.

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