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chembound 09-14-13 03:51 PM

Tri-Specific Saddles
Does anyone have any preferences to any specific brand/models of tri-specific saddles? I was leaning toward an ISM Adamo Road Saddle.


pinoy92231 11-17-13 09:22 PM

I ride the Adamo Road Saddle on my tribike. I like it though I find it to be a little hard. There are other models that are supposed to be softer and some models slope down at the tip making it more specific to the aero position. If you have not ridden one, it takes some getting used to. Definitely feels wider than a regular saddle and you will get sore on a different spot than a regular saddle at first. You will get used to it and will never go back to a regular saddle for triathlons. Also it takes some time to get the fore and aft right and you may have to tilt it slightly up to be comfortable.

markg 12-06-13 11:06 PM

I am have switched away from Adamo (tried both Road and Podium) to Cobb V-Flow Max, and have a Cobb JOF Fifty Five on order . If the Adamo works for you - great. For me, the Adamo is simply too wide. Yes I ride it "on the nose" like you are supposed to, but they still press into the crease of my thigh (sometimes taking skin off) and feel like they impinge my hamstrings. I rode two Ironman races on them, but it was very much a love-hate relationship - zero numbness issues, but had to have everything JUST right to keep from losing skin. The Cobb Max is narrower. and does not impinge or rub me raw, but the front bridge caused numbness in a 70.3 race. The JOF Fifty Five is the same width as the Max, but loses the front bridge (actually still there, just underneath the saddle).

There are a bunch of new split nose tri saddles coming out. Fizik also has a new split nose saddle, as well as Bontrager with their Hilo model.

alex jb 02-01-14 01:27 PM

I had zero numbness from my adamo but I never raced it, I just could not run off the bike, it crippled my running legs.
on my second fizik airone Tri 2, ti rails this time, the carbon rail one did not appreciate the rear cage mount and fell apart on the IMWI course (fortunately not on race day).

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