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Lammarth 09-24-13 12:20 PM

first tri bike sizing help
hi guys, this fuji will be mine first tri bike

so, i am 5'8'' (174cm)and my leg is 32 inches.(82cm)
52 or 54 frame? need help :cry:

bobthib 09-24-13 07:34 PM

Go to competitive cyclist and use their bike fit calculator. You will need someone to help you take the measurements. While not as good as a real pro fit, it will answer your question, and help you dial in the bike when you get it.

Ive done my tri bike, and several friends as well. Good luck.

pinoy92231 11-17-13 09:27 PM

I did the same as Bob and came pretty close. I ended up buying a bike that fits pretty good using the CC website. However, if i would have took into account that certain tribikes have higher bottom brackets relative to the ground I would have bought a different bike. The CC website did not discuss this.

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