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loxx0050 09-26-13 07:57 PM

Tri Bike Accessories
I finally pick up a dedicated TT/Tri Bike, a 2012 Felt B12 on clearance from the local bike shop. I preferred this over the 2013 because of the derailleurs, color (didn't like the white for 2013) and the derailleurs are better.

It is not time to accessorize the bike and wanted to hear what others have as far as the following:

Aero Bottle & Cage Package
Emergency Tool Bags (what are you using out there)
Any other hydration system?

I currently have a Vision Drink System that is supposedly Aero made of carbon fiber that is strapped in between the aero bars so that takes care of the main hydration. I do want the bottle for times when I am not doing longer distances and don't need the Vision system there.

I am stumped as to what to get for tool bags, frame mount, top tube mount, seat mount....what to go with?

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