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xcrogers 10-02-13 08:13 AM

Bike Collection Dilemma
I'm looking for opinions (yes a terrifying word on a forum) for the following personal dilemma: should I sell my existing road bike and put the money towards my new investment or hang on to it for training purposes?

- I've been competing in triathlons for around 3 years now and decided to make the jump from racing and training on my road bike to a legit tri bike. I've been sized by a professional and narrowed my choices down to 2-3 bikes. All which fit me and once fitted with a set of race and training wheels (as well as similar group sets) are approximately the same price (3250-3750).

- I live in the Northeast so riding outdoors is always a game of avoiding large pot holes and the inclement weather which well... could happen at any time. So having a second bike to go on rides during the ****ty times of the year (or to be less worried with in general) would be a plus. But again, I'll have two sets of wheels for the new bike.

- I'm not an investment banker or lotto winner so making this switch is a financial decision that I'm not taking lightly. I imagine could sell the bike and recoup some of the costs associated with the new bike, but I do not believe it's sale will offset the cost in a significant manner.

- It doesn't make sense to put money into my road bike. While it is a great bike and supremely fast, I've had it since HS and its simply to small and the amount of money to make it faster (or at least blingyer and yet still not proper triathlon bike) would be ridiculous.

- While it would be nice to just have (cause its pretty) I don't necessarily want to hang on to it "for old time's sake" as my wife is already scornful of our growing collection (she now having both a single speed commuter and road bike herself). Our apartment does not have a huge amount of space to store a plethora of bikes. Also, I know my training routine and will want to spend my limited cycling training time on my actual triathlon bike.

- I have a single speed bike which I use for daily commuting which can be (and I have) used for training rides as well.

I'm not rushing out to buy a new bike tomorrow and I'm trying to be as diligent as I can with this move. If anyone has been in a similar situation and has thoughts on why I should keep or sell the bike I am all ears. Thanks!!!

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