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Rhodabike 10-05-13 12:58 PM

Frustrating television coverage
So I've been trying to watch t.v. coverage of Mont Tremblant and between the heartstring-tugging inspirational stories and endless commercials, I think there has been perhaps 10 minutes of actual race coverage in one hour of airing. That's not counting the times the station has blacked out altogether, so perhaps there was as much as 20 minutes. Is there any t.v. coverage of triathlon that focuses on the actual race, most of the time?

OldTryGuy 10-06-13 06:57 AM

Doubt it. Too much like watching paint dry.

walleyenerd 12-01-13 09:52 PM

If you just want to see some triathlon races, check out YouTube. The videos aren't live, of course, but there is a really good selection. You may have to filter out the amateur helmet cam stuff, but there is some really good coverage as well.

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