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thehammerdog 10-17-13 06:03 AM

Best sub $1500 tribikes
I want a new tri bike but have little cash. I have seen several bikes inthis range and wanted your feedback as what maybe the better deal.

OldTryGuy 10-17-13 06:11 PM

What bikes have you seen?

thehammerdog 10-22-13 05:03 AM

Raleigh, Fuji, Kestral (bike direct) Quintana Roo's mostly on sale.

mr645 10-22-13 06:11 AM

Not a lot of choices. Kestral 105 bike should be close to $1500, a Fuji Aloha, under $1500
these guys have some close outs

merlinextraligh 10-25-13 12:00 PM


or another cheap frame. 105, or Rival groupset. Trispoke, or deep sectioned carbon front wheel, and disc cover for a cheap rear wheel.

Should be doable within your budget. It will be a bit heavy, but it will be fast. Faster than most anything you can buy name brand for $1500.

Or you could get the Motebecanne Nemisis mentioned above for $1000. Put the remaining $500 into a tri-spoke, or deep sectioned front wheel, and a disc cover for the rear.

Aero wheels are going to make more difference than minor differences in frames and components.

Trekathlete 10-29-13 07:18 PM

I have a cervelo p2 that I got for around 1900 at year end close out. If you are in the market now stores might drop their prices especially for triathlon bikes. My cervelo was the 2011 version that sold for 2400 now I think the p2 sells for 2800. I'd check ebay for p2's or other similar bikes although there won't be a warranty with them but they should be fine.

loxx0050 10-30-13 08:02 AM

Look for a clearance entry level aluminum tri bike if you are looking for new at a bike shop. Otherwise, $1500 on the used bike market can get you a decent carbon tri bike if you can find one in your size and in good condition. Look around for demo clearances and year end closeouts from the your local shops too.

Felt S series Tri bikes would fit the bill on a brand new bike or a B16 on clearance (older models) could hit that price (before taxes) and is a good entry level carbon Tri bike. (I recently bought Felt B12 and the shop I got it from is smaller and still has some 2012's on clearance for Felt B16's). They also had a nice Felt DA4 that was only a few hundred more than what I paid for the B12 but it wasn't in my size otherwise I might have gotten that instead.

pinoy92231 11-17-13 09:09 PM

Look at Great shop and they have tri packages for about $2000. That would include the bike and everything you would need for a tri.

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