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jgadd 11-08-13 08:55 AM

Looking for my first bike
I am looking to purchase my first bike. I plan on going to a local bike shop to get fit, but I thought I would get your opinion on what I should look for.

I am new to triathlons, having recently completed my first sprint this past September. It was a blast and I definitely plan to do a couple a year. Looking forward I will probably stick to the Sprint and Olympic distances, but plan to complete a Half Ironman within the next 2 years. I know there are Tri-specific bikes but I am not sure I need something that specific. I plan on riding year-round (whether outside or inside) so I'm thinking a road bike might be my best option.

I do have access to a pretty good deal on Diamondback road bikes (50% off) but that is not a name that pops up often when I read about bikes. I know they are more known for BMX/Mountain bikes. However, given the discount I can get I am wondering if their road bikes are a good option for my needs and experience level (and wallet). I would be looking at one of the three Diamondback bikes:


Can anyone give me an opinion on these bikes? Or others based on my experience and need?

Any advice/input would be much appreciated.

Thank you

OldTryGuy 11-08-13 11:22 AM

50% off means more $$$ left in your wallet to spend on stuff or entry fees. :)

Get fitted, test ride anything in your budget and buy. Nothing wrong with Diamondback especially at 50% off.

lenny866 11-08-13 08:04 PM

I rode Treks for 20+ years. I have a DB Podium Carbon bike and love it. My frame is the Pod 5, which is the same as the Pod 6 (2012). Review after review is good and I have no regrets switching brands.

All three of those bikes, look real nice. Good luck with your decison.

fietsbob 11-09-13 06:40 PM

Swim real fast and you can grab one off the rack before they get there. :lol:

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