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NyoGoat 12-09-13 12:35 PM

Cervelo P3
I'm looking at a used Cervelo P3 dura ace that they're asking $1300 for. I don't know what year is is (and neither do they). It's posted as like new condition though. I have two questions:

1 - is there a source to see all past cervelo models to compare here?
2 - This appears to me to be a really good deal. I've been watching the market for a while, planning on picking up a bike next year. This is earlier than I'd anticipated to purchase a bike, but should I jump on it?

I have not been professionally fitted but this bike is sized right compared to the cannondales that I tested out. It is a 52 cm with 650c wheels. (that size might help determine the year, because that size option is not currently available)

juggleaddict 12-09-13 03:42 PM

That sounds like a pretty amazing deal. I've had my eye on a new p2 now that the year is coming to a close, and I'll probably pay twice that.

I have heard that cervelo runs low and long. I've heard the opposite too... Hard to say fit wise, so you may want to check to make sure the fork hasn't been cut so you have some adjustability there.

As far as year goes, see if they can grab you the serial number. It should be on the bottom bracket and could be below the cable guide (which could be a pain to get to) Beyond that the color of the bike should give you a general idea of what year it is. Post the color scheme here and I'm sure someone could tell you the range of years.

Good luck on the hunt, if this one doesn't turn out, something will. : )*/ this sort of works, but I can't get snapshots from even last year... maybe it's my browser. This should pull up a snapshot of the website at certain times.

Trekathlete 03-13-14 10:53 PM

If you are still looking go to the forums on the Cervelo site and they would be able to answer all of your questions regarding cervelo. The old P3's were low and long where now cervelo has moved the reach closer and stacked the bars higher. It really just boils down to fit and flexibility. The older P3's fit a less range of people well than the new ones do. Plus I think the improved frame design of the new one actually makes it more aero than the older one. It's a lot to think about when buying a bike but fit is the most important thing. I'd most definitely pay 1000 more for a bike that fits and has non top of the line components than save 1000 for one that doesn't fit me quite right with better components. If I got the cheaper one I'd end up selling it or worse yet quit triathlon because it wasn't fun to ride my bike. It might sound extreme but it could happen. Not only that but if you buy new the Cervelo frames have a lifetime guarantee. Where as you buy used you never know what you are getting and how many miles the frame has been ridden.

I know your predicament well. I was in the exact same boat a few years ago before I bought my P2. Cervelo ended up having a sweet promotional program in which I was able to get a smoking deal on a brand new bike in the same price ranges as used ones were being sold on ebay. I am not sure about the 650c wheels either. I ride a 51cm 700c wheels. 650c wheels may be more difficult to find tubes and tires in generic places and it could potentially cost a little more due to low quantities being made but with that being said I have heard the exact opposite too. So do some more research on that.

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