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Shreck 12-09-13 07:47 PM

Duathlon Training
It's been a while since I was here last.

Last year I got an overuse injury while training for a marathon and maintaing my regular group rides, this year I committed to doing a Triathlon but March saw things differently. I had a slip and fall on the ice and hurt my back and SI joint. I rode a couple of times with the tri-club but found my back could not take it.

I started spinning over the last few weeks and cut back on my running. To play it safe for next spring I would be happy enough to do a durathon.

Is the training for a durathon the same for a Tri except without the wet suit.


OldTryGuy 12-09-13 08:12 PM

If you are referring to a duathlon....

b2run 01-25-14 08:07 AM

Most of the races in Ontario have duathlons in them so you'll have lots of options. A duathlon is typically a run, bike, run. The swim of the triathlon is replaced with an additional run.

I'm just curious why you're cutting back on running and why you're considering a duathlon since it hurts you when you bike?

Shreck 05-26-14 04:49 PM

I cut back on my running as I was having a lot of cramping problems in my right leg.

Things are better now. I have been spinnging all winter ready to go again, and it happend again but have been recovering nicly since I switched to a new chiropractor.
I did a test run to get some times to see where I need improvement. My run started out way too fast and my cycling was ok but need improvment.
I need to do more speed work on the bike and in my runners.

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