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Yen 02-02-14 12:47 PM

Compression swim shorts
I'm a cyclist recovering from old and new (minor) hamstring and other pelvic muscle/tendon injuries. I occasionally swim in the Olympic-size pool at the gym. A friend urged me to wear compression shorts for swimming to provide support to the muscles while they recover.

Can anyone recommend specific compression swim shorts? I found a few different styles on-line - some are short and look like loose-fitting shorts, while others are long and with a snug fit down to the knees. I don't want to invest $100+.

Thank you!

deathnmind 03-06-14 07:15 AM

I've never used compression swim shorts. I use Tyr Jammers and sometimes they're tight enough to feel like compression. Maybe your friend that recommended using them has a preferred brand.

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