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horsiedad 02-13-14 12:49 PM

Kestrel Talon Assembly
I purchased a Kestrel Talon tri bike online and am now in the process of assembling it. I've assembled road bikes in the past, so I've got some familiarity with putting bikes together. However, I'm not sure how to route/install the break and derailleur cables on this tri bike. According to the seller, no instructions specific to this bike are available.

Eventually, I plan to take my bike to a bike shop for final tuning and fitting, but would like to get it ride-able first. Any advice and/or pictures would be appreciated.

Slackerprince 03-09-14 04:58 PM

Go to the mechanics sub-forum.
Otherwise, I'd just take it to the LBS and get it dialed.


coachflamingo 03-11-14 08:09 AM

Take it to your LBS and let them build it out of the box. It's easier for them to do this than have to go over everything to see if you did your part correctly. "Brain Surgery is simple... for brain surgeons."

merlinextraligh 03-12-14 09:54 AM

It's not rocket surgery. You want the cables to be as short as possible, with only smooth bends, no kinking, but long enough that they don't restrict the movement of the handlebars.

Google some images of Kestrel Talon's and you'll get a visual to go by

Another approach:

The second approach, going under the bars is likely less aero, but might shift better.

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