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spankingironman 03-12-14 10:21 AM

First Ironman; Sharing my story!
Hi all -

This November I am participating in my first Ironman!! I am keeping a blog on what I am doing, what I find is working, not working, etc. Would love feedback and for you to take a look.

Spanking The Ironman | Training, suffering, and an insight into all it takes to be an Ironman.

All the best!

Zero7 03-12-14 06:47 PM

Great that you're doing your first IM! I did Florida too, and have this advice:
  • Look up "13 weeks to a 13 hour ironman" - great training program
  • First IM - maintain forward progress. Don't panic if something breaks, a split doesn't go well...maintain forward progress
  • For me (following the above program), the last few weeks of training were harder than the race

Good luck!

OldTryGuy 03-12-14 07:49 PM

With all that training and youth on your side, you should be fine. I did nothing but swim, bike and speed-walk for my training.

2013 IMFL was my first at 63.5 years old and I had a wonderful time. I'm also registered for 2014 IMFL and have 2 lottery entries for 2014 Kona.

#1 goal.....keep it fun and good luck!

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