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liv211 11-03-21 06:30 AM

[daily deal] big discounts, in stock & fast delivery

Trifox Bike offers daily deals!

Big discounts! :love:
In stock & fast delivery! :giver::giver::giver:

Please check here>>>

liv211 11-03-21 06:32 AM

$79.99 - Carbon Drop Bar TC20UL

TC20UL handlebar is made of carbon fiber with an internal cable routing design. The special design of the sink in the middle and lifting at the ends of the handlebar helps to change the riding posture and improve the riding experience of long-distance riding. AERO uplift breaking wind design, streamline shape! This handlebar is perfect for riders who enjoy road, gravel, and cyclocross riding.

liv211 11-03-21 06:33 AM

$32.99 - Carbon MTB Seatpost CDS100

Brand: Trifox
Model: CDS100
Product Name: Carbon Bike Seatpost
Type: Layback Seatpost
Style: Carbon
Material: Toray T800 Carbon Fiber
Length: 400mm(Round)
Lay Back: 20
Layback offset: 20mm (Φ27.2mm / Φ31.6 mm)
Diameter: Φ27.2mm / Φ31.6 mm
Screw: Titanium
Finish: UD Matte
Color: Black
Package Content: 1 x Carbon Fiber Bike Seatpost CDS100
Weight: 218 g (31.6 * 400 mm)
180g (27.2 * 400 mm)

liv211 11-04-21 01:53 AM

Buy One Get One Free! :beer:

Only $39.99 - Carbon Bike Saddle CS100 x2 :lol:

The bike saddle is made of Carbon Fiber Sheets with vibration resisting and buffering performance, enough strength. Nose shape design to prevent organ oppression, to avoid numbness, allowing blood to circulate better, more comfortable if you dress the professional cycling pants with a pad. The middle part of the vent design makes air quickly pass and lets cyclists more comfortable.

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