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liv211 03-04-22 03:51 AM

Have you all joined the bike fleet yet?
Some people like to ride alone, some people like to be with a small group of friends. Some like the freedom to ride alone, and others like the joy of being together. But today we are going to talk about how lucky we are to be part of a cycling team when we join one. 8 reasons to tell you what it means to join a cycling team.
1. Be part of a circle of cyclists
When we all ride together and look out for each other, we won't be alone. Have friends to ride with, and you can have fun together! Go crazy together! Rushing to the distance together! There are partners in, the heart is always warm!
2、How interesting the people in the team are
Riding how interesting, love riding how interesting people are. The fun is different for each team, and can only show you and experience it yourself. Riding, the most important thing is to have fun!"
3、Avoid going out alone, safer
When you go out, whatever problems you encounter are not as important as your safety. Pay more attention to some people when riding, you can pay more attention to the road conditions. If you encounter unfamiliar road conditions or a car accident, it will be much more reassuring to get together and help each other. Especially for female riders, it is best not to act alone.4. Have common topics to talk about
No matter when and where, as long as things related to bicycles can be turned into topics to talk about. By riding together, you can exchange riding experience, let yourself learn and grow quickly, and also meet more friends! Especially for newcomers, having a partner together can reduce the number of detours, and having an "old cycling driver" to lead the way will make you better on the road. Learning is mutual, helping others while helping yourself, grow together and understand the spirit of cycling together!
5、Whatever the race, there is a person to accompany
There are 30km roundabouts, 100km loops, 300km endurance races, 1200km triathlons such as the Devil's Ride and PBP, and even "winter non-stop" races where you ride in the cold wind and rain and snow. A "go together" and you're ready to go. In a big group, a team, that sense of trust between each other is irreplaceable.
6. All the problems about cycling can be solved
Some people can disassemble the rattling center axle; some can adjust the jump gear; some can repair the brakes and brake discs, and most importantly, some are willing to teach these skills, so becoming a mechanic is no longer a dream. When you encounter difficulties, you can help each other and encourage each other to get through the difficulties together.
7、Find friends who can "hurt" each other
From "Did you ride today" to "How much did you ride today", the change of greetings between teammates is progress of love for cycling. Everyone is secretly competing with each other, no one wants to sweat less than others, which invariably forces you to keep making progress.
8、There is the motivation to insist on riding
One of the motivations for sticking out was: seeing my friends stick to their daily bike rides in the summer, what reason would I have to give up?

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