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liv211 03-16-22 03:44 AM

How to master the science of cycling exercise
How to exercise by bicycle is the right way, what kind of exercise effect do you want to achieve by bicycle? According to different intentions, purposefully using different bicycle workout methods, can better achieve the effect you want.

1、Fat loss cycling method: cycling at a medium speed, generally requires continuous uninterrupted cycling for more than 40 minutes, while paying attention to regular breathing, very effective for fat loss.

2, power cycling method: that is, according to different conditions force to ride, such as: uphill or uphill when adjusting the gear size (limited to 5-speed or 10-speed adjustable speed bicycle), this method can improve the muscle strength of the legs or muscle endurance quality.

3, intermittent cycling method: in cycling, first to ride 1 to 2 minutes at medium and slow speed, then 1.5 to 2 times the speed for 2 minutes, then ride again at medium and slow speed, then back to fast, so alternating cycle exercise can improve the trainer's ability to adapt to aerobic exercise.

4、Intensity cycling method: Firstly, it is required to ride for 5 to 7 minutes at 60% of one's limit speed, followed by observing one's pulse per minute with a yardstick, so that it is within the cardiorespiratory training interval, which can achieve the effect of exercising the cardiovascular system.

5, core muscle riding method: riding process hip off the seat, but not stand straight body, while the core (waist and abdomen) force control body balance, the use of such methods can train the core muscle group strength.

Need to note that.

1, remember to wear professional sports gloves when exercising, one is non-slip, the second is to protect the hands after a fall.

2, the location of the car seat. People standing on the ground, one side of the leg up, thighs and the ground parallel to the height of the seat is the same height is the appropriate height.

3、Regardless of what kind of bike you ride, if it is for fat loss, you need to hydrate every 5 to 10 minutes.

4, it is not recommended to carry weight (backpack) cycling training, bicycle exercise is mainly the duration of time, if the weight and then cycling may hurt the back and lumbar spine.

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