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liv211 03-22-22 04:17 AM

6 distress signals sent by the body in cycling, please pay attention!
1. Stomach pain

This problem is often caused by overeating. When you are cycling, the energy gels you eat may make you feel good about yourself, full of energy and high as a Dickey cowboy. But when you stop, too much energy gel to make you feel stomach pain, nausea.

The solution is to take the right amount of supplements. In general, a one to three hour ride usually requires 30-60 grams of carbohydrates, but of course this is only an approximate value, and you need to refer to your own activity intensity as well as your body weight. You can take this approach to measure how much carbohydrate is right for you: record your food supplementation before and during each ride over a period of several weeks, and record when you are in good shape and when eating too much causes discomfort, so that you can determine the right amount of food supplementation for you.

2. Headaches

Dehydration can be brutal on a ride and is often the culprit for your headache, so make sure you get enough water, but don't drink too much, usually no more than 200ml at a time and at least 15 minutes between drinks. Also, it is recommended to wear blackout cycling glasses in strong sunny weather because strong sunlight can make you dizzy, cause visual fatigue and lead to headaches. If a headache is unbearable, it is not a bad idea to take over-the-counter painkillers occasionally, but do not rely on them. Also, it's hard to avoid headaches when you experience them after a very intense ride. Of course, if you get frequent headaches on your bike, you'd better get them checked out by a doctor.

3. Bloating

For bloating, drinking more water and eating less is always the best answer. Most people do not drink enough water to dilute their food while consuming too much unnecessary food, so too much food holds up your stomach and produces bloating. You may say, "I drink a lot of sports drinks," but those high electrolyte, high sugar drinks you drink don't provide enough water to balance your body's water content. When riding and pedaling hard, most of our blood is transferred to the legs, and less blood is used for digestion in the stomach, so it is crucial that energy is absorbed quickly, so "dilution" is especially important.

4. Leg cramps

Leg cramps are mostly due to low electrolyte levels in the body. Usually put some electrolyte effervescent tablets in the straight water, it can provide your body with sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. But for some leg abusers, a few sips of electrolyte sports drink won't do much, so force yourself to slow down, calm down, and ride at a lower power for more than 10 minutes to let the lactic acid piling up in your legs gradually disperse and preserve your strength for the next day's ride.

5. Urgent need to pee

If you are riding and often want to leap off the seat and rush to the nearest restroom, you may need to adjust the seat angle or adjust your posture while sitting on the seat. In fact, this problem this problem most often occurs in women, the problem often lies in the sitting position problem makes the seat on the urethra too much pressure, find the most suitable position for you, the problem will be solved. If your seat has been adjusted several times and you try different riding positions, the problem still exists, perhaps it may be a urinary tract infection, do not take it seriously, it is best to consult a doctor.

6. Dry cough

Have you ever tried to come home after a cold weather ride and have a dry cough that feels like your lungs are coughing out - this is a fairly common problem due to the change in temperature between outdoors and indoors, making it impossible for your lungs to adjust in time, or the cold air making the lung tissue inflamed and red. If it is a mild dry cough, you just need a good hot bath and a little rest, and the symptoms will subside on their own. If the dry cough is constant, it is possible that the airway is affected, so medical attention is your first choice.

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