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liv211 03-24-22 04:30 AM

How about the 29er model
As everyone gradually learns about the 29er model, many drivers choose to compete and win one race after another every year using the 29er model. So what other features does the 29er have in addition to the larger wheel diameter?

1. Passability

Mountain bikes face a track full of technical points, passability is an important performance, and wheel diameter is a key factor affecting this performance. The larger the wheel diameter, the better the passability, but before explaining why, we need to introduce the concept of angle of attack.
The angle of attack is the angle between the point of contact between the wheelset and the obstacle. The smaller the angle of attack, the better the passage; the 29er has a smaller angle of attack than other small-diameter wheels.

2. Speed maintenance ability and acceleration ability

The weight distribution and rotating mass of the wheelset determine this characteristic. Smaller wheel diameters have better acceleration capability, but average speed maintenance capability; 29er wheels have the opposite acceleration capability, but strong speed maintenance capability.
Because the rim and tire of a 29er wheelset are farther from the axis of the wheelset and the tire, rim, and spokes are relatively heavy, the 29er has more rotating mass and slower acceleration. In other words, its acceleration performance is average, but its ability to maintain speed is more powerful. In other words, cruising performance is better.

Trifox has several frames that can be installed 29er. An example is the SDY21 carbon fiber mountain bike frame.

①. T80029er carbon mountain bike hardtail frame
②. Complete internal wiring and unique construction.
③. Weave with stronger and more textured 3K carbon fiber.
④.Spray paint retains the effect of 3K weave and highlights the high quality of the carbon fiber.
⑤. Fits 30.8mm seat posts.
⑥. Multiple O.L.D spaces and stem sizes are available.
⑦. Ergonomic design for a safer and more comfortable ride.
⑧. Freely switch between quick-release and through-axle (135QR and 142TA), quick release skewers and through-axle skewers can be interchanged according to the style of derailleur hitch.

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