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jezmellors 05-09-11 08:16 AM

Hello all,
I'm in Doncaster.

Marauder9 05-09-11 08:21 AM

I am originally from Newcastle but live near Durham in the North East now.
Much better rides down here to where I used to live.

gundamdong 05-25-11 10:12 AM

Hi everyone. I am from Edinburgh. Lovely cycling city.

eng123 05-30-11 09:30 AM

I've just joined the forums. Been lurking on the Hybrid forum, as I have just got a Cannondale Quick 3.

philliejoe 06-02-11 04:29 AM

Hiya, I'm from Cornwall

obscuredavid 06-03-11 03:30 AM

Hi from Sheffield

Gazzabikes 08-02-11 10:23 AM

Derbyshire lad here

RookieRoadie 08-06-11 10:09 AM

Another Oxfordshire guy - good to see so many people from the UK on the forum! :)

brianogilvie 08-07-11 10:52 AM

Oxfordshire here, but only in July and August. Otherwise, usually Massachusetts (USA) but next year, France.

Astro 08-15-11 06:35 AM

Surrey girl just signed up today :D

badger1973 09-03-11 07:37 AM

Leigh. Lancashire..

Drumnagorrach 09-19-11 02:21 PM

Pendleside, Lancashire,living in exile in North East Scotland.

Orca 09-21-11 08:23 AM

London guy right here :)

SussexRiggers 09-28-11 05:50 AM

You can add one more to that big boy.

Rak1240 10-12-11 01:28 PM

Sunny California compared to Slough - no brainer :)

MattHB 10-25-11 11:12 AM

Poole, Dorset here :)

CVP 11-01-11 05:04 AM

Originally Notts, then London, then NYC and now back to London

Painyboi 11-23-11 09:20 AM

Hey all :)

I am from Essex, UK!

MazShaw 12-05-11 05:56 AM

South Wales here. Though I'm no native. ;)

Currently residing in Pontypridd.

Regards, Maz.

smith34 01-04-12 09:15 AM

Hello there chaps from Lambeth

AmFaeEmbra 01-07-12 06:30 PM

Davie from Edinburgh signing in.

I'll whisper this, but the weather's a dawdle compared to the last two winters, isn't it? If that's the kiss of death and the blizzards start tomorrow, blame me!

Anyone looking for an afternoon ride buddy, get in touch. If I promise someone to go out, I can't put it off - but can think of lots of reasons to do other things if I only have to answer to me :o)

irishbill76 01-21-12 02:31 PM

Bill here. Origionally from Antrim, N.Ireland and been living in Bolton, Lancs for the last 25 years. Recently got myself a Dawes Vantage (last week actually) and took my first bikeride in over a year today. Traffic scared the hell outta me. I dont remember being this soft a year ago lol

jonifen 01-26-12 12:58 PM

I'm near Bury but originally from Liverpool. Haven't ridden in over 10 years but signed up today with the intention of "restoring" my old bike!

sue uk 02-06-12 11:12 AM

Hi guys and gals
near residing near Saltburn here, with a Carrera Subway 2 and a recently aquired vintage ex Royal Mail posties bike :)))

davis11 02-11-12 05:12 PM

Gloucestershire :) hello

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