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stokell 01-21-05 12:35 PM


Yep, I'm from UK too !!
Are you sure? You sound like an American. Here's a simple test:
What is a tyre, a roundabout or a B&B? Where do you live and where is your favourite pub?

2old2befast 02-13-05 04:15 PM


Originally Posted by stokell
Are you sure? You sound like an American. Here's a simple test:
What is a tyre, a roundabout or a B&B? Where do you live and where is your favourite pub?

A tyre is something that you get when you're in your thirties. A roundabout is an ingenious trapping mechanism for American drivers and also a gladiatorial ring where heavy goods vehicles joust with passenger cars. A B&B is the attempt by closet Communists in the UK to revive the old Gulag Spirit. My favourite pub is a café as I recently started to get bad reactions to some alcohol... not all, but some beers and wines don't play nice with me anymore. Rather than play 'russian roulette' I've decided to stop drinking.

I live in London, have dodgy knees, am also very old, have become horribly unfit as of late (I never had a double chin in my life before, and now I have more than I can count) and am optimistically building/rebuilding a number of bikes way beyond my current capabilities.

megilleland 02-13-05 06:19 PM

Signed up recently from Hereford on the borders of England and Wales.

Blackberry 02-13-05 07:59 PM

Welcome aboard. I'm not from the UK, but am a keen Anglophile. Have toured fairly extensively in Britain. Love the Welsh borders, the Big Smoke. And everywhere in this precious stone set in a silver sea.

Shadowmunter 03-06-05 05:51 PM

I'm from Cornwall but I live in Hull.
I plan to cycle the Trans Pennine coast to coast in a few weeks...

IRideErgoIAm 03-27-05 05:47 PM

Living i oxford (uni time) ayoe from the same?

titanium 03-29-05 01:24 PM

reading berkshire UK

lavis 03-31-05 10:54 AM

Hey im from the uk, Burnley, Lancashire. were bouts you from?

johnb25-6 04-19-05 12:47 PM

fom Norwich UK, living in sheffield , BMX rider, 15 . by the way nebody know of racing at the bolehills (sheffield anytime soon)?

peter london 04-26-05 11:31 AM

HI, I live in south London and work work as a bike messenger in central London.

TSE-TSE 05-13-05 04:59 AM

just moved here from berks and getting out in the south downs is great, some really nice hills and amazing scenery - when you break the crest of a hill and see the sun shining on the sea just below you its just the best. usually try and do around 20k a day. anyone living in the area keen to get together to ride?

Mikudze 05-18-05 05:15 PM

Hi all, joined recently... and was wondering as well, how many people here are from UK.
Me and my bike live in London (moved recently) still dont know where to ride - Chingford??? work in one of the EvansCycles shops so probably saw some of You, London Riders!:)

InvisibleSurfer 05-31-05 08:13 AM

UK too, Sheffield and up for a ride! Too many hills tho :(

MarkD 05-31-05 02:10 PM

Another Fifer here from Dalgety Bay.

Dooby Firkin 06-09-05 08:45 AM

Me too,

Ride road and MTB


RoadNewbie 06-11-05 11:32 PM

I live in NW London.
Hampstead area.

Anyone live near?

bjarni1 06-12-05 01:30 AM

Hullo! im from the Staffs/Derbyshire border originally but am now in Kiwi-land. The Peak District was GREAT mtb country, even with all the regos they put on trails in recent years :P. I was in the white peak area which had some great singletrack through the moorland. :D


Labarum 06-12-05 05:47 AM

Labarum is from the Reading area.

thermite 06-27-05 05:28 PM

I'm from Burnham - Just West of Slough in Berkshire.

Dondare 08-26-06 06:11 AM

Barnet, Herts.

paul_wood3 08-26-06 08:16 AM

Hendon, London, which isn't a million miles away.

Johnny_Monkey 08-26-06 01:36 PM

Chiswick, London.

Rob1900 08-26-06 04:16 PM

Wigan, Lancs here

ekimeno 08-27-06 11:03 AM

Early thirties male in East Finchley, London. Just got into road riding about 9 months ago. Anyone round here fancy a 40-50km ride? My average speed is proably around 30-32kph... :(

If not - see you on the road :)

DMeado 08-29-06 10:21 AM

Hi fellow UK-bikers! :)

I just joined today, and am a road cyclist from Dumfries, Southwest Scotland. Just in from watching the finish of the Tour of Britain first stage (and unsucessfully "stalking" big Tom Boonen for an autograph as he headed to his truck) :rolleyes:

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