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pravrao 08-31-06 01:51 PM

Yes people.

West London cyclist stuck in a messy singlespeed rebuild... anyone got a half-link?

M3ta7h3ad 08-31-06 07:09 PM

Yup im from the uk :) Cardiff, Wales.

Normally over on cyclingplus but come here every now and again for the craic.

NextLevelMentor 08-31-06 09:21 PM

My Trike is from the UK. Does that count?
Aspalt Surfing in Southern California

saru-kun 09-02-06 04:24 PM

Good day to all :)

I've just arrived in UK two weeks ago from Malaysia to study. Used to go off-road back home with a few mates occasionally and picked up road riding from working part-time in a bikeshop (bikepro). The boss was kind enough to lend me his Pinarello Prince to join a team relay duathlon in which I finished 50km in a very unimpressive 2 hr 20+ min.
I'm hoping to give road cycling a go over here and improve my riding...but that will have to wait until I get enough money for a decent bike :(
Anyway, I'm currently in Watford living with my uncle before moving to Uni of Hertfordshire's student accommodations on the 18th of this month.
Pleased to meet all of you :D


Mr. Gear Jammer 09-06-06 05:17 PM

I am from Maryland, USA man:D . I hear your people drink lots of tea over there, is this true?.

Wil Davis 09-06-06 06:12 PM

Originally from Braunton (Glorious Devon); moved to Abingdon-on-Thames (Oxon); moved to USA in 1983; been here ever since…

- Wil

SkunkCycling 09-12-06 12:59 PM

Living in west london at present

Pravrao i have a few 1/8th half links

Mr. Gear Jammer, I do drink lots of tea and can't stand that nasty coffee stuff.

IHateGlass 09-14-06 05:10 AM


matt52 09-17-06 12:59 PM

Hi there - NW London folding bike commuter - currently spending most of my time on the Folding Bike sub-forum - a very congenial place to be...

Python 09-19-06 09:05 AM

I'm in Swindon, Wiltshire:D

Just taken up cycling again after a break of over 30 years:D

WestWalesTrails 09-20-06 10:43 AM

We're from the UK
We run guided mountain biking holidays and a hire centre (latest orange bikes) servicing the new trails at Brechfa forest and surrounding area. Check out our news item and give us a call if anyone in interested in joining us.

Matt & Lottie :)

norman preis 09-21-06 11:46 AM

Hello, im newish here - didnt notice the UK section till now.
Iv just moved to Cardiff over the summer after living in Bristol for a few years, but still in Bristol on a weekly basis.

Got a Giant MB + currently building an old Raleigh road bike.

loop 09-22-06 04:23 AM

I'm commuting from Rotherham to Sheffield most days in order to get to Sheffield University. Look out for a White, Red, Blue and Yellow old Raleigh coming past you.

Dougie 09-23-06 05:33 PM

Greetings from Central Scotland

Brains 09-24-06 05:09 AM

The British are coming, the British are coming ....

derodger 10-02-06 07:37 AM

Yes I reside in Renfrew

yantoTwenty 10-03-06 06:37 PM

Hi All.......................
Portsmouth here !!!
Road Bikes
Raleigh folders
Single speed and fixies

Must be more from the UK that use the site, been here about 6 months and only just noticed the regional pages.

TheBrick 10-04-06 03:28 AM

Living in South East Lonodon at the moment.

mustang1 10-04-06 04:52 AM

London here. :)

jibi 10-06-06 08:55 AM


I too am from the UK

Preston in Lancashire, originally from Co. Durham.

I like all forms of cycling, but love expeditions and touring.

Thorn Raven Catalyst with Rohloff, 2x Bill Nickson hand built (Road and TT), Motobecane Tandem,3x MTB

spend time on cyclingplus forums too

Stardust 10-06-06 09:09 AM

Hi everyone,

Been on the forum since the summer, I am living and working in Cambridge.


ornmnt 10-06-06 01:32 PM

I'm not FROM the UK, but I live in London...

DrG0 10-09-06 07:57 AM

Yup UK here too. Im down south in the New Forest where they grow the cattle grids:rolleyes:


woodentop 10-09-06 02:31 PM


Originally Posted by PaulBravey
I'm from east london, spent most of my adult life in either Slough or Stafford and now living in sunny california. I almost miss the rain :D

Hey if you're missing the rain we can send you loads of it down. :p

Hi I am from Nottingham, having ridden a bike many moons ago I have decided to buy another bike and hope that I can sit on the saddle long enough not to fall off. :D

trimonkey 10-10-06 02:46 AM

Hi everybody,

I ride in Buckinghamshire, England! I only have one road bike, so all my riding is on the road, which is a shame because i hear there are some really good trails round here.


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