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Jitensha Jin 03-18-07 07:40 AM

Hi there i have just registered today...Im from Portsmouth in the U.K....Can anyone tell me where i can get the magazine FIXED from.....All the best

Johnny_Monkey 03-18-07 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by Jitensha Jin
Hi there i have just registered today...Im from Portsmouth in the U.K....Can anyone tell me where i can get the magazine FIXED from.....All the best

Check out the Fixie sub-forum. They might be able to help.

A.Gronow 03-29-07 03:19 AM

I'm in S.Wales

elliott-20 04-02-07 05:02 AM

Hi I've just joined. I live just outside Milton Keynes. Yeah yeah, i know, the home of concrete cows and roundabouts.

groovesection 04-13-07 09:13 AM

And home Of The Sanctuary,Hardcore Ravers lol Im 32 Yrs Young From Norwich..Check Ride UK Issue 101 [Page 106]

Check My Steed..

groovesection 04-13-07 09:23 AM

BTW Anyone In UK Wanna Buy A 20.5 Inch Gusset Streaker Street Frame In Black,With 22MM Primo Sealed BB Installed And A Pig DH Pro Sealed Headset Installed Absoluely Mint Bar 2 Scratches Under The Left Chainstay And Couple Of Scratches On The Dropouts WhereThe Wheel Nuts Have Been..I Want 70 For The Lot And You Pay Postage.. Hit me up on [email protected] If U R Intrested

elliott-20 04-16-07 03:11 AM


Originally Posted by groovesection
And home Of The Sanctuary,Hardcore Ravers lol

LMAO - yeah big up the Hardcore Massive, Whistle Posse!

ningnangnong 04-27-07 06:31 AM

Another one from the Home Counties.


MillerGTChucker 04-30-07 01:04 AM

hey i've just registered im from west lothian scotland

Hussy 05-03-07 08:04 AM

yeh i am up for that I am in HackneyDowns....headin for bethnal green soon but its always near the Holloway Road. I am new in this site don't know why been ridin all my life but fixie only 1 yr and man its deadly I love it.

Hussy 05-03-07 08:05 AM

Is this live or like an email thing?????????????

alex21 05-17-07 02:14 AM

hey, im a new to the forum and im from norton, near middlesbrough! not many people from the north east i see

I saw Elvis 05-20-07 10:46 AM

Hi, been on the forum for a few years, but only just started looking into some if it's darker depths ;)
I'm in the North West.

chickenskin 05-31-07 03:25 PM

I'm from between Notts and Derby. You'll find me mainly in the Peak District or Sherwood Pines.

rollin 06-24-07 08:21 AM

I'm from Harrow (Middx), currently living in Singapore

abarkley 06-24-07 02:35 PM

About 1/2 mile south of London Bridge.

Nice bunch of guys in the 50+ forum here.

(LeMond Reno '07)

Si. 06-27-07 06:39 AM


Originally from Roslin (Rosslyn Chapel, Holy Grail place......etc) just outside Edinburgh, and have recently moved a few miles up the road to give myself a nice 20 mile daily round trip commute

But really just come on here to wind the Americans up.... ;)


cmcallister01 06-27-07 01:13 PM

From East Kilbride. Just got back on the bike after too long a gap...loving it.

phantazy 06-29-07 09:22 PM

I'm from Fulham and cycle daily to South Kensington, and Hastings and back at the weekends.

steve134 07-08-07 03:15 PM

Hey all, i'm from sutton coldfield:) :)

alastairgordon 07-09-07 08:01 AM

Hey there, I'm from Cambridge

lostfable 07-13-07 03:08 PM

im from chesterfield and just started riding again after 6 years

Chupachup 07-13-07 03:17 PM

North Shields

scotty.appwic 07-24-07 07:29 AM

Just signed up from Hertfordshire.
Most ride's are commuting to student stuff though am affraid so only 7/8 miles here and there most days. Always more enjoyable without having cars around to wind you up!
Ah but theres always tomorrow. ;)

TonyB 08-07-07 05:55 AM

UK Member
I live in Hampshire UK

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