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brooksy 08-10-07 09:42 AM

I'm from the UK...I live in Oldham (Lancashire) near Manchester and have a Trek

Lif 08-18-07 07:41 AM

hi im in Dukinfield outside of Manchester :)

AlexTaylor 08-26-07 10:15 PM

From Cheshire, work in Manchester.


Javacat 08-31-07 06:14 AM


Only bought my bike (Specialized Hardrock Sport 07) a few weeks ago and only been able to ride it once so far. Should have chance to ride a few times next week. Once I've got reasonably fit I'll probably be pottering around this forum a bit more, trying to find places to ride.

BiggerBoat 09-05-07 05:12 AM

From South Cheshire! Just starting to get some (older) riders together for weekend rides.

Lif 09-10-07 04:59 PM

whereabouts in Cheshire..and what do u mean by "older"? :P

Ross C 09-15-07 09:23 AM

central London
for all London see

teamhopeless 09-18-07 01:34 PM

dood, im a British biker, from a place called ashington, 20 Miles North Of Newcastle

there's quite a few of.....our kind ¬_¬

just dont appear as a road biker to some people, & you'll be fine!



MechaBikezor3000 09-20-07 10:25 PM

central london

studying in the UK until december. i dragged my bike all the way from the US...great decision

BiggerBoat 10-02-07 04:31 AM

Hi Lif - Crewe and Nantwich area, 40's and 50's. Interested?

DickyJ 10-11-07 12:42 PM

North London and sick of tarmac

marinrider2007 10-13-07 04:46 PM

Brit and from Brum
Hi Andy

Yet another forum member form the UK.

If anyone from B'ham reads this then please give a me ping.

CheBeef 11-02-07 05:39 AM

Oh West Lon-don (oh west Lon-don) is won-der-ful (is won-derf-ul) Oh West Lon-don is won-ddderrr-fulll it's full of t*ts, F*nny and Chelsea oh west London is wonderfullllll!

dematrix 11-03-07 07:14 AM

im from doncaster in south yorkshire

keiron curtis 11-05-07 05:09 AM

How Many?
I'm a newbie,so I don't know either.Don't know who to ask either.

wideload 12-04-07 05:02 PM

hello ,can you hear me.birkenhead.

asrubins 12-12-07 01:20 PM

Guess you're sorry you asked !

Tony Here from Manchester.

estutjaweh 12-13-07 10:40 AM

Originally from dann saff in good ol´Brighton England....
...been the last seven years now in Germany though!

alecw35 12-26-07 12:29 PM

oh Im from scotland

BruceH 01-04-08 03:34 PM

Im from Birmingham

Magna 01-07-08 09:49 AM

New to the forum. From Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Have been a cycling commuter for around 8years although the last 2 have been difficult due to 40mile round commute. Never had what I would regard as a nice bike (always just got what I could for cheap to prevent theft-which didn't work since I was in Liverpool for 6years). So I'm looking to restart commuting when I soon change jobs and buy a sweet touring bike with the view to use it for that very purpose when I'm not commuting!

bottlemasher 01-09-08 04:12 AM

I'm in deepest darkest Norfolk

Magna 01-09-08 08:34 AM

I love those pictures bottlemasher, never seen anything like them.

limeylew 01-17-08 01:51 PM


Originally Posted by andyuk (Post 534802)
Just wondering how many people from the UK are registered with this forum? :) I haven't come across anyone else yet.

Andy UK

Well, mate, here is another one. :-)

I joined this forum today but have been in the States for 45 years.

Kind regards.



limeylew 01-17-08 01:58 PM


Originally Posted by bottlemasher (Post 5950489)
I'm in deepest darkest Norfolk

I'm impressed, to say the least. It can't be too deep and dark if you can build machines like that. :-)

Kind regards.



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