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johnyb 07-26-11 01:57 PM

help to date this bike
Hi I am new to the forum as I have decide to do up 2 bikes I have aquired ,a Phillips I am doing up as a war time bike and a Raleigh .The Raleigh is the problem having looked on sites to date the bike the numbers on mine dont match with anything ,I was wondering if anybody else has seen these serial numbers before ,the number under the pedal tube is 265136Z the number under the seat tube on the left side is 3835 with an E underneath the numbers .It has single speed rear wheel but have found a bracket and small pulley wheel under the seat which I believe would be for a 3? speed hub ,it has a brass heron badge on the front tube . Any help would be appreciated as I curious how old this bike could be .Many thanks John.

Russcoles11 08-12-11 02:37 PM

E would mean 1970. Does this seem about right?

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