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FairyTaz 09-14-11 07:34 PM

I was undercut by a car on a roundabout
Hi everyone. A car went in front of me on a roundabout and I went into the side of it, getting a bad graze, skidded on my leg on the road. They were really nice but everyone keep saying I should sue them cos what if they hit a small child one day, it would be my fault for not getting a bad driver off the road.

What do you think?

CbadRider 09-15-11 11:13 AM

Did you report the accident to the police? If the police have several complaints against him, hopefully they will get him off the road.

The driver should be responsible for paying for your injuries and damage to your bicycle. If he refused to pay, then I would sue.

FairyTaz 09-15-11 12:25 PM

I have just reported it to the police. The people who hit me gave me and my bike a lift home and gave me their number. I also have details of two witnesses. This guy who hit me didnt see me he said but I was wearing a florescent vest and had lights.

Because of this, I am worried he will seriously hurt someone one day or even kill someone. He hasnt got my number or full name but im worried about his insurance company blaming me somehow and me having to pay for the massive dent on his car.

It not called under cut btw apparently. This was british roads and he overtook me on my right and drove in front of my trying to pull off the roundabout.

Thank you for your reply. Its good to hear peoples opinions so I know what to do. Ive always been so careful and never been hit by a car before. Maybe goes to show hes not a good driver or something. Do you think thats true?

Btw, he offered to pay for damages to my bike at least. That was nice of him

FairyTaz 09-15-11 12:28 PM

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I dont know if a picture would be useful, a hidden bruise has gone round my leg a little now as well

Russcoles11 09-22-11 09:31 PM

Consult a lawyer, it shouldn't cost anything to find out whether they think you should make a claim. I would suggest you also consider joining the CTC so that next time they will deal with everything for you and it gives the reassurance of 3rd party cover. If you had been driving a car and been hit in the same way, you would have made a claim so why would you not do so on a bike?

apollored 03-03-12 03:03 PM

But be careful of these Accident Claim 'lawyers' as you could end up paying your winnings to them in fees and end up with a whopping bill.

Just be careful who you appoint to oversee your claim if you do go down that route.

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