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OllieSmile 11-03-11 02:16 PM

Bike Promotion Video - Student Project

I'm a student in Nottingham studying a BA (Hons) In Digital Media Design.

I've been assigned to film and produce a short promotion video, promoting bike fittings.

Now I know nothing about biking to be honest, and I'd be quite interested in your views as to what you would want to see in the video.

- Would you want text graphics detailing key parts or a voice explaining it?

- Would a really good-looking person make you feel any different towards the process?

- What key things would convince you to go to a company for a bike fitting service?

Any helps is kindly appreciated.


Russcoles11 12-27-11 12:24 PM

Bike fitting is something that only serious cyclist will bother with. Most people are usually happy with trying out a bike to ensure it fits well. Bike fitting is like getting a suit tailor made rather than off the peg. If you were spending money for a tailored suit would you trust a young good looking person or someone old who looks like they've been a tailor all their lives? Basically use a bike mechanic in the video, you don't want someone pretending to know what they're talking about. If you must use someone good looking have them go in for a fitting and video what goes on and have the expert go through explaining the whole process to them. Use graphics only where it helps explain points.

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