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vikingdave 01-09-12 05:06 AM

Ebay Listed Old Viking Parts
If anyone's interested I've put some of my old Viking parts on ebay - front Benelux Gear Changer, Quill Stem, Pedals and Crankset. They've been lying around for yonks and I'm having a clearout. It'd be good to see them go to someone who's renovating an old bike.
Apologies if this is not apt for this forum but I can't find a specific UK For Sales section.

raleighrick 02-21-12 05:42 AM

If you still have these parts I could be interested. I part restored by old 1958 Viking Ian Steel last year. Some parts are poor or not original. It would be good to have more detail, especially the crankset.


vikingdave 02-27-12 04:16 AM

I'm sorry but all the parts were sold a while ago.

Good luck with your restore.


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