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Jaguar27 05-10-12 11:03 AM

Anyone on the Isle of Wight?
If so, please let me know, I have a couple of questions on Road Cycling there.

Cheers then!!

contango 05-10-12 11:08 AM

Not on the Isle of Wight specifically but in the UK if that helps any.

Jaguar27 05-10-12 11:53 AM

Thanks for the reply, I was going to ask which part of the Island is the best/safest for Road Cycling.

DavidJP 07-07-12 01:56 PM

I'm not based there now but have lived there for 25 yrs on and off. Great place to go

A few links for you

Named in lonely planets guide as one of the top 10 places world wide for cycling

Lots of quiet country lanes often narrow, single track and rolling hills (downs to the locals) especially in the south, along the central spine of the island and to the west. Some sunken lanes creating tunnels through trees which are nice to ride through. Also plenty of ice cream vans and places for cream teas to stop along the way.

The area between Ryde and Shanklin on the A3054 is probably the busiest road especially in summer but apart from that and the Newport Cowes area at certain times of the year especially its usually fairly quiet road wise. Be aware that often some the lanes can be very narrow 10ft wide in places and sometimes long range visibility is not great as they tend to twist and turn so have to be aware of oncoming cars but they are usually not going too fast as they are looking out for oncoming cars as well and many are single lane with passing places.

Great place for a cycle holiday, big enough to be interesting with lots of fairly varied scenery all in a compact space.

Jaguar27 07-08-12 09:17 PM

Thanks for the response David! I have a lot of fond memories of holidays in the Isle of Wight with my Mum & Dad, so now I want to buy a house/flat whatever there for when we retire, I'm starting with a blank Canvass and hope to do a lot of riding over there, so that's why I was asking.

I've emailed some Estate agents but they never seem to reply!! Business must be booming!!

DavidJP 07-09-12 08:05 AM

Try these two if you haven't already, they have fairly good websites and are island wide.
Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your view its becoming a trendy destination now and attracting lots of interest from people from the mainland as a place for a second home not too far from London.

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