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derailled 07-08-12 07:34 PM

Dunedin New Zealand here,

Got a TARBINE Track Frame here.
Pale blue micro metallic as new similar to Raleigh Arena colour.
Has a Horse shoe inverted but intersected by a 2D Horse head and neck.
This is not a badge but appears to be integral with the head casting?
Lugs are female compared to the usual high end aquiline ones.
Horizontal dropouts.
Oiler hole on BBS LHS.
Unusual fork top castings and I would have expected to see evidence of pin striping but nothing.Has BRITISH MADE cast or stamped into front of BBS with 219 in the middle.
Five digit frame number above this upside down stamped. The first number is one with a serif.
Rear fork tops have ovoid tops.
TARBINE in upper case appears in the horse shoe motif on the head. 'TARB [horse ear intersection - INE'
No original chainwheel or wheels. It did have a mavic 700mm but coiuld be a foreigner?
Any clues out there.

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