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Stone Free 07-12-12 07:23 AM

Specialized 2011 Sirrus Expert, vs 2012 Sirrus Elite
Specialized 2011 Sirrus Expert, vs 2012 Sirrus Elite

On Saturday I tried between a Trek 7.5 of the correct frame size, and unfortunately a size down on the 2012 Sirrus Elite. I forgot to mention the 2011 Sirrus Expert at the time and instead talked about the 2012 Crosstrail, which he said I should discount.

I am going to be commuting to work mainly, along a Towpath and Roads.

The man in the shop dissuaded me from the CrossTrail or the Bianachi Calomnite 2 as being too much of a Mountain bike.

I don't know enough about bikes to know whether the 99 more would be well spent on the 2011 Expert.

One more question do people buy Cycle clothing sizes in the same sizes as you might usually buy a T-Shirt or Jumper?


jimc101 07-24-12 07:06 AM

The 2011 Expert is far better spec'd that the Elite, and the 350 increase in price over the Elite shows this. Getting a 2011 model in your size maybe more of an issue as we are already into model year 2013.

Not sure why a good LBS would dissuade you from the Crosstrail as some towpaths can be very rough after heavy rain and this may be more suited to them.

For clothing, you really need to try some on to get a feeling of sizes, as all manufactures vary, if it's an Italian brand, and your are a UK M, you really need to try on, as they can be all over the place on sizing, US and UK brands tend to be more in line with reality

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