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ziso 08-30-12 10:55 PM

First bike in 12 years - any help appreciated :)
Hi all,

Inspired to take up cycling as I'd rather be alive in the next 20 years or so!

I'm 6ft 1" (approx 186cm), and 246Kg/39stone/542lbs

I have a 600 total budget to get cycling - would anyone be able to offer me some advice and pointers on bikes, wheels etc?

Many thanks in advance for the help!


sevenhills 08-31-12 01:04 PM

The link below is a UK forum, or perhaps you could ask in correct USA forum, 50+, commuting, road or recreational forums?

ziso 09-01-12 02:26 PM

Hi Sevenhills,

Thanks for the advice - I have started a thread in the Clydes section of the forum which caters for the heavier cyclists.


jefmcg 09-03-12 03:04 AM

ziso 09-10-12 09:45 AM

Fantastic inspiration in that story!

RoadTrick 09-20-12 02:08 AM

If you have not been riding for a while, stepping into a traditional bike shop will help to determine which bike size suits your body frame and posture. Measuring these features is essential for making the biking enjoyable - hopping onto a bike that suits your budget is an option, however measuring and testing several options should help you in making a better decision.

As for inspiration, I am against erratic riding, but the movie Line of Sight gives some great energy and skills to appreciate.

Winnershcyclist 04-02-13 12:47 PM

I am reading "The Skinny on cycling "a collection of essays (was free)on my Android /kindle and might give you ideas inspiration he was 300Lbs

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