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Jamiel 10-09-12 08:02 AM

Bike for petite women!
Hi everyone, newbie here! I am currently an occasional cyclist but am looking to progress a bit further and have signed up to a charity bike ride on the road. At the moment I only have a heavy mountain bike which is not ideal for road cycling. I am looking for a cheap hybrid bike that has a small enough frame for a 5ft woman- I have looked everywhere and the only ones I can find are really expensive or children's bikes. Does anyone know a particular website or brand that sells reasonably priced (400 or less) bikes for petite women? Thanks in advance!

binka 10-24-12 01:10 AM

Hi, I'm 5ft 2" and ride a Specialized Tricross which is a bit above your budget. I have a 5ft friend who rides an Isla bike - they are childrens bikes but you wouldn't know it. They're built to a very, very high spec. My friend has done loaded tours across Europe on hers, only problem is that they're internet order or you have to go to Ludlow to try them.

Other option could be a hybrid like a Specialized Vita. Another short friend of mine went to Paris and back on one of these.

[email protected] 05-29-13 11:16 AM

Agree with binka - the Specialized Vita comes in Extra Small, suitable for 4' 10" to 5' 1" and is bang on your budget. It should cover the miles on your charity ride too.

andy753 07-13-13 09:39 AM

Specialized Dolce road bikes are excellent and come in very small sizes - my rides a 48cm and she is 5 foot 3.

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