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TheSnowden 12-06-12 04:12 PM

Eurostar baggage allowance changes!
"Baggage policy update - effective Saturday 1 December


Following feedback from travellers, we have made some slight changes to our baggage policy to improve the on-board customer experience. We wanted to remind you that our adult baggage allowance is 2 bags not exceeding 85cm and one piece of hand luggage.

Effective 1 December, a child baggage allowance will be introduced and changes have been made to our sports equipment and bicycle polices.

For full details of these changes and more information on our baggage policy, please click here."

Has anyone travelled with a bike on the Eurostar since 1 December 2012? I'm using them next month with my bike in a bike bag. Extremely miffed because I bought my tickets based on being able to take a 120x90cm bag, but it's now 85cm.

I now need to find out if I can strap my bike bag up to reduce it down to the maximum 85. I've complained to them as well. They clearly haven't done any research into bike bags and assume that everyone rides a folding bike. Bollocks to the 'feedback from travellers' no cyclist would suggest making it smaller than everywhere else in Europe. Sounds like a new method of money making - have to pay 25 to send it as registered baggage.


Winfried 02-01-13 08:00 AM

Doesn't surprise me. The SNCF performs the same greenwashing in France.

That's why I take a folding bike on long distance trains. No surprise.

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