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ilikebikes 01-06-13 10:01 AM

Fish 'n chips
Are they really as tasty as they say?

Rootman 01-06-13 10:17 AM

They can be, I've had some good fissh-n-chips in the states but the ones I had in the UK were tasteless. I actually prefer catfish and hush puppies to the fish-n-chips cod.

Ally G 01-14-13 04:08 PM

yes nuff said!

[email protected] 02-01-13 12:10 PM

I've had fish 'n chips in the U.S. and the U.K. and the U.K. has the better taste-test results for sure. Plus, in the U.K. you always get them with mushy peas, whereas in the U.S. never (or at least not that I've seen). And, you get vinegar with your chips in the U.K. whereas only occasionally in the U.S.

Going back to the U.K. in a couple of weeks; should be a good time!

Rick / OCRR

Winfried 02-01-13 03:39 PM

Some infos + places:


Friday evening is certainly the time to try Fish and chips - traditionally served with mushy peas, and if eating inside white bread and butter and a pot of tea. Sprinkle fish and chips with salt and vinegar. Some of us will accompany this with a pickled onion. Sadly we no longer have fish and chips served in newspaper :-(
  • The North Sea Fish Restaurant 7-8 Leigh Stand
  • The Rock & Sole Plaice 45-47 Endell St (chippy; Take hadock instead of cod, and try calamaris although not traditional English ingredient)
  • Fish Central 155 Central Street, Islington (chippy)
  • The Fryers Delight 19 Theobald's Rd (chippy)
  • The Friars Inn 23 Elizabeth Street (chippy)
  • Sea Shell Restaurant 49-51 Lisson Grove (chippy)
  • Mr Fish 9 Portchester Road (chippy)
  • Masters at 191 Waterloo Road, London SE1 8UX

Wil Davis 02-01-13 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by ilikebikes (Post 15125246)
Are they really as tasty as they say?

Absolutely! (if you know the right place!) Squires Fish & Chips - in the village where I grew up (Braunton, North Devon, U.K.), now back to the other important question on everyone's lips:
"Is it true what they say about Dixie?" ;)

- Wil

stapfam 02-03-13 03:15 PM

Used to do a 100 miler and the only place to eat was around the 50 mile mark and it was at a fish and chip shop. The organisers even allowed time out of 1 hour if you had Lunch there.

But Fish and chips at a Local shop. Look for the one that has a queue outside if there are more than two and Never go to one of the Chain shops like "Harry Ramsden".Only been in one and they served Fish and chips--No choice of fish--It was Fish and chips. I asked the question "What Fish"? only to be told it was Pollock or Whiting. I won't even give that to the cat.

Cod- Skate or Plaice are my choice and in that order. Or if not feeling fishy then a saveloy or Cod Roe.

GeraldH 03-13-13 07:45 AM

Fish and chips is variable. In and around our local area (by the coast), we have four year-round fish and chip shops (some are summer season only, and not worth bothering with). I've had good in all of them, and bad in all of them. Out of season, they cook the fish to order, which makes a difference, IMO

10 Wheels 03-13-13 08:03 AM

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Good Food....We ride 25 miles for some.

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