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logorocks 01-23-13 01:33 PM

Newbie thinking about London to Edinburgh

Was after a sense check.

For some reason I have it in my head that it would be a good idea to cycle London to Edinburgh over 4 days, this summer. Only problem is I have not cycled since I left London when I used to do my daily commute on a bike (4 years ago).

I was looking for some honest words of advice. i.e. dont bother, Give yourself more time. Or should be easy, just cycle twice a week for X miles and you'll be fine.

I want to do this to raise some cash for charity close to my heart and will probably be doing it alone so want to ask some "experts" before I commit and start receiving sponsorship money.

As I said, I'll be all on my lonesome so will probably be back on here asking about fitness, bikes, routes should enough of you say "DO IT" (Arnie Style).

Look forward to your colourful responses. :thumb:

stapfam 01-24-13 03:20 PM

If you are fit enough and have a bike you can get out 3 times a week for some serious mileage- then go for it. But a 4 year lay off is a long time to be off a bike and expect to be able to in just 2 months training. Be realistic and set up a fast track get fit programme that does include plenty of miles and lots of Gym work. I am talking rides in the week of 40 mile and 60 to 70 at the weekends. You won't achieve that this week but if you are not able to do that by the end of Feb--Postpone the ride.--Oh and the other 4 days a week-Take one day off but Cardio Vascular for an hour in your spare time that you may have for the other 3

Fixedbottomblue 02-10-13 03:12 PM

Hi I'm a newb but my friend done lands end to John ogroats in two weeks with only three weeks training however that was puting in at least on average sixty miles a day and recommended taking plenty of Vaseline for saddle sores ,I wish you all the luck in your adventure

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