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apollored 05-25-13 09:10 AM

Do they think they're the fashion police?
Cyclist pulled over by officers 'because he wasn't wearing Lycra'

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FatherAlabaster 05-25-13 09:31 AM

That does it, I'm getting bike shorts.

rebel1916 05-25-13 10:02 AM

Yeah, that actually is suspicious. I'm with the officer on this one...

aidanpringle 05-29-13 04:53 AM

At least they are actively pursuing bike crimes, it's good to see they are taking bike theft more seriously now, as above I'm also with the officer on this one.

AnthonyMcEwen 06-19-13 12:28 PM

As a side note how do you prove the bike is urs?

If I get stopped and I don't know my own serial number then I take it it could be anyones bike?

Many the next time I buy an expensive bike I'll get it insured so I have papers to prove its mine and to protect against theft.

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