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Winfried 05-29-13 09:00 AM

Bag required for folding bike in trains?

I currently don't have a bag for my Birdy folder, as this is not required to ride TGV trains this side of the Channel.

But I'll be riding trains in the UK, starting with the Eurostar, then short- and long-distance trains, and I was wondering if a bag is required.

I'm particularly concerned about the Eurostar, as they changed their regularion recently and require bags for regular bikes:

"Eurostar's revised policy on bike bags will discourage cycle travel"

Thank you.

MrLucky 07-15-13 08:26 AM

Just figured I'd drop in here. I'm not quite sure about the eurostar but on the london underground I very often take my full unfolded 20" bmx during off peak time (only time its allowed. its between 9-4 then after 7) and I have no problem :)

Winfried 07-19-13 02:19 PM

Thanks for the tip. I didn't take the tube/bus over the last two trips to London since I had a bike both times.

For the benefit of other people travelling with a folder in the UK:
1. A bag is really required on the Eurostar. They won't even let you go through the metal detector without the bike being folded and bagged
2. No bag was required on the local trains I took (Virgin, CrossCountry, etc.)
3. On Megabus and NationalExpress coaches, it's up to chance: Some drivers know a bag is required and might not let you board until you bag the bike, some will warn you but let you board anyway, and some won't say a thing because they either don't care or see so few folders anyway that they aren't even aware that a bag is required :-)

[email protected] 08-19-13 12:45 PM

Thanks for the tips Winfried. I go to the U.K. a couple times a year and will have to get a bag for my DaHon folder if I bring it along.

Rick / OCRR

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