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cvega 06-04-13 02:41 AM

29er on hybrid tires - good/bad idea?

I've been considering a tougher, more rugged bike for city commuting, but I don't want a hybrid bike per se - I want the option to go on a single track if needed. So, my thought process is this - get a 29er (I particularly like Specialized, Rockhopper Pro/Comp) and put some good quality hybrid tires on it and keep the MTB tires for the rare offroad event. Would that make sense or should I stick to hybrids?


AnthonyMcEwen 06-04-13 04:05 AM

Makes sense to won't be as fast but ur commuting not racing so I don't see it being a problem, and if ur commut is mostly tarmac u don't even need hybrid tires you could get some slicks for it.

Bekologist 06-04-13 04:19 AM

i saw the question, and wanted to respond.

its' a great idea, and you may be suprised at how far you can push hybrid tires on a 29er.

I'm riding Continental CruiseContact 29"x1.9" tires for both on and off road, and find they work very well for both.

here's video i shot this weekend on CruiseContact tires.
as far as i'm convinced, its all the tire a person needs on their 29er, short of very technical riding, jumps or all day slop.

aidanpringle 06-04-13 09:04 AM

Would work fine, if you commute make sure you lock it up well. Thieves like high end mountain bikes a lot.

cvega 06-05-13 05:54 AM

Nice, thanks for the input chaps, I'll look around for the best deal on the Pro :) Nice vid Bekologist!

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