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mattyboomboom83 09-10-13 07:49 AM

two classic bikes that I have inherited
I have just acquired two beautiful classic british bicycles but so far can find very little information about them. I have a dawes kingpin which is a pink/off red colour and seems to be in really good condition, still with the original bag and original pump. It rides really smoothly. The second, which I have fallen in love with is a Bates Vegrandis. It has obviously been restored to a point, the paint is fab and looks as though it is ready to ride. It has sadly been fitted with straight bars and 90's style SiS shifters and brake levers which seems a bit silly. I am hoping someone can give me some info on these bikes if at all possible so I can decide what to do with them.. Thanks.

RaleighSport 09-10-13 07:51 AM

Hi matty and welcome aboard!, we have a classic and vintage appraisal section on this site, you should post both bikes there and with pictures to get an info/valuation etc, and then there's the classic and vintage section itself where we'll be glad to help you undo that straight bar business if you'd like ;)

Juha 09-11-13 06:49 AM

There's an active thread already in Classic & Vintage. Closing this one.

mattyboomboom83, welcome to Bike Forums and from now on, please don't start multiple threads on the same subject... cross posting is not appreciated here. Thank you.

--Juha, a Forum Mod

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