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apollored 01-31-14 03:06 PM

Side Road Madness
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I dont know if its me lately but on six occasions this past week cars have nearly pulled out very close to me from side roads.

When I have cycled down a 2 + mile major A Road with many side roads coming into it from it on both sides (Brooklands Road, Sale if anyone knows it).

It was about 6:45 pm on so dark but some cars coming out of these side roads and right out into the lane as I was very close to their side road and without paying any attention to a cyclist potentially coming into conflict with them.

Then they didnt like my expression of concern like what are you doing?

Also out of a Sainsbury's car park to different cars driven by elderly drivers at some speed nearly hit me and I also had right of way on all occasions.

Should I have been further out into the lane?

Rant over lol.

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