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ajhsmith 02-22-14 09:50 AM

Call for London Headcam footage!
I'm an architecture student, and cyclist, writing a thesis about Cycling in London to do with the sense of meaning attached to 'place' gained through cycling, and the idea of ownership one feels towards the city when in complete control of one's mobility...
This involves not only doing a series of rides in London myself, but ideally, looking at other people's routes through the city to gain an knowledge of how cyclists exist and understand the city, through tactics, behavior, hierarchies on the road etc.

I am also hoping to critique the cycling experience in London in terms of infrastructure and of cyclists' treatment on the road - public opinion, and spatial and political agency exerted by cyclists to try to change their environment. Contrasting my findings with experiences I have had cycling in other locations - mainly Cambridge, Sheffield, Berlin and Italy.

I was hoping to accrue some real footage of cycling in London, as this is the most accurate way of recording it, but I live in Sheffield, so it is hard to get down south with my bike a lot, and th deadline is becoming terrifyingly near! THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN:
If you send me any footage you have of cycling in London (ideally with a bit of information about where it is; start point, end point, points of interest etc.) It would be hugely helpful as I can use it to create a map of sorts, picking out journeys across London as well as the 'feel' of the ride (augmented with any extra details you can give me).
This isn't just a case of you doing my work for me however, as a picture gained through many different eyes (so to speak) can be more comprehensive than just through my own.

Any help with this, be it thoughts about riding in the city and the sense of ownership gained through this practice, or any footage of riding in London, would be immensely helpful, and you will of course be referenced fully in the document (if you wish).

Any files, questions, comments, or thoughts can be emailed to me at [email protected].

Angus Smith

no1mad 02-22-14 11:19 AM

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PatrickGSR94 02-24-14 02:04 PM

There are TONS and TONS of London and other UK "cyclecam" commuters on YouTube. I subscribe to a good number of them myself. CycleGaz, CyclingMikey, Traffic Droid (Sonofthewindsinc is the channel name), Bassjunkieuk, BlackCountryBikeCam, DrMorocho are just a few that come to mind. The first 3 I listed are my favorite. They have hundreds of videos and thousands of subscribers.

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