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kansukee 04-05-14 10:26 AM

US member needs help purchasing from a UK website
Hi everyone! I am a fellow member from the US and hopefully someone here will be able to help a fellow cyclist. This is my situation: I bought a partial Campy EPS V2 kit (missing the shifters and magnetic cable guides) at a very good price BUT when I went to install it i found out that I am missing a very important part: the two special bolts that go through the bottle holders in the seat tube and hold the battery in place inside said tube. The only place that i have found that has them as part of a kit is at this url:

Campagnolo EPS V2 Power Unit Screws - Campagnolo from Triton Cycles UK

and they only ship (for free) to mainland UK. The price is 34 pounds which is already high but as I see it I don't have a choice so I must bite this bullet but I would need someone living in the UK to buy them and ship them to me here. The conversion rate is today gives me a total of 57 dollars plus whatever shipping is to me. If there is a kind soul out there who will help me with this let me know via pm and I will paypal the money; I know this is unusual but it is* an unusual situation and it sucks not be able to put this bike together because of a couple of missing bolts. Thanks!

kansukee 04-06-14 08:19 AM

Never mind, got it from y1 cycles...

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