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mattkime 05-22-20 08:29 PM

Ortlieb outer pocket on Bullitt bike - How much weight can it hold?
I'd like to mount a couple of bags behind the box on my bullitt bike (as shown). The ortlieb outer pocket looks like a good choice but it says it only holds 2 lbs. This seems a bit low. I was hoping the bag could hold a u-lock and a flat kit. I've looked into bullitt specific bags but they don't make sense due to the box.

Is the 2 lb specified limit on the outer pocket bag something I should worry about?


Harhir 05-26-20 02:00 PM

The bag was designed to hang of other bags. I assume there is a max weight so you don't cause tears where the bag mounts to another bag. But of you mount the bag with the weight sitting on the frame I would not be concerned with the weight of a lock and a flat kit. I would probably add something to stiffen the floor of the bag.

mattkime 05-26-20 02:05 PM

Thank you, Harhir, thats what I suspected but its good to hear from someone else.

fietsbob 05-30-20 01:46 PM

I have a Brompton-Ortlieb 'O' bag they used 2 small outer pockets, on the back, i replaced one with one of their flat pack water bottle cages..
you have room, mount several and don't put more weight in any one of them than you feel comfortable doing..
mount the U lock with a separate set of velcro straps Or maybe an Abus Bordo Granit 6500, folding link lock in it's pouch?


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