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derail3 05-29-21 06:31 PM

Yuma Supermarché front load cargo
Does anyone own a Yuba Supermarche front load cargo bike electric or non electric. That can talk about what they like about it and what they dislike about it. I am looking at it as a lower cost option to some of the Europe imports.

Harhir 06-04-21 08:48 AM

I am not sure there are many cargo bike owners here. There is a FB group if you are on FB:

brianinc-ville 06-04-21 07:54 PM

Originally Posted by Harhir (Post 22087832)
I am not sure there are many cargo bike owners here. There is a FB group if you are on FB:

I'm a cargo bike owner, but mine's a Douze. For me, the Douze has been worth every penny -- I just keep telling myself it's way cheaper than a car, and I use it every single day. Your situation may vary, but if you're going to use this bike as your primary transportation, I'd say that you should pay the extra cash to get what you really want, rather than compromising.

I haven't ridden a Yuba Supermarché, but when I was shopping for cargo bikes, the fact that it only comes with a derailleur drivetrain was a deal-killer for me. I've got a NuVinci hub with a Gates belt drive on the Douze and couldn't be happier -- but again, your situation may vary.

veganbikes 06-05-21 10:57 PM

Having ridden it and a bunch of other front loaders, I can say I didn't care for it. The cable actuated steering is quite sloppy and doesn't feel great. Yes a Riese and Müller Load is expensive but it is probably the nicest riding cargo bike I have been on. Full suspension and a rack and pinion steering makes for a smooth comfortable bike that I feel confident hauling kids and cargo in. I get that same feedback on their steering from other riders.

If they moved to a rack and pinion steering the Yuba would be a fine bike as it is the steering holding it back mostly. A Bosch Performance or Cargo line motor is great and the Tektro brakes used are fine enough (and more importantly have long enough hose) and the bike itself looks good with the bamboo box but the steering makes it suck. We had one on the floor for the longest time and plenty of people came in wanting that bike and left buying a Load or sometimes the Packster (and maybe some who bought mid/long tails). It wasn't that the bike looks bad or is so poorly spec'd (though a belt and a Rohloff E-14 is nice) it is purely steering that really doesn't do it well. The Packster also has less than ideal steering or at least did (I haven't tried the latest version yet only older models) but a touch better than the cables on the Yuba.

If you are only riding it occasionally go for whatever but if you plan on really using the bike save the money and go for the Load or maybe an Urban Arrow (the newer ones are nicer) or see if you can finance it with your local shop. We offer financing and it is how I got my R+M Supercharger2 and I know a lot of people who can buy that bike 5 times over in cash without blinking an eye and still finance. It has made my dream come true a lot faster and a lot more easily. Plus I with the Load I can spec it out to work best for me and I can get it natively dual battery and with different motors and drivetrains to suit my needs plus excellent warranty support.

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